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Moral Reconation Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Most people think they have it all figured out when it comes to addiction recovery and treatment. However, there are many different treatment options available to help a person overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. Moral reconation therapy is one such treatment option that is not particularly well-known among the general public, but can be used to help a person overcome their drug or alcohol addiction successfully.

What Is Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)?

Moral reconation therapy, also known as MRT for short, is a form of treatment for drug or alcohol addictions that is considered to be a cognitive-behavioral form of treatment. The basic goal or objective of this treatment is to reduce what is known as recidivism in legal terms. Recidivism is defined as repeating specific patterns of behavior that always have negative results or consequences. In basic addiction treatment terminology, recidivism can be equated to relapse. Moral reconation therapy is systematic in nature and walks patients through the treatment process in steps helping to build positive habits, thoughts, and behaviors.

What Is The Strategy Behind MRT?

The strategy of this treatment is to place a focus on the positive aspects of addiction treatment and recovery rather than the negatives. Rather than trying to take things away from the recovering addict as a form of treatment, MRT focuses on building up positivity.

How Does It Benefit The Addict?

The benefits of moral reconation therapy lie primarily in the emphasis that it has on positivity rather than negativity. Instead of making the recovering addict feel like elements of themselves are being taken away, MRT helps them feel as if they are gaining far more than they are losing. The positive reinforcement and building of self-image can help prevent relapse in that a person does not feel they are being deprived during treatment and recovery.

What Are The Steps In Moral Reconation Therapy?

Moral reconation therapy is made up of seven steps. These steps are:

The basics of the confrontation step are to deal directly with a recovering addict’s attitudes, feelings, beliefs and behaviors that contributed to their addiction as well as can prevent that person from fully succeeding in their addiction recovery.


In the assessment stage of moral reconation therapy, a recovering addict is required to evaluate and assess their current relationships. These relationships can vary in nature but most often include relationships with themselves, their friends and family, significant others, doctors and therapists, and even with the substance they are addicted to.


Reinforcement is a key component in MRT treatments. This step uses positive reinforcement to build up a person’s ability and skill at positive self-talk including positive thoughts, feelings, and actions (behaviors). This is the start of developing good habits that can last a lifetime and will be used to break an addiction and replace the associated negative habits a person has developed over time.


The formation step is focused primarily on a person’s self-image and their sense of identity. People who are suffering from drug or alcohol addictions often have a highly negative sense of self. Thus developing a positive sense of self is essential in overcoming those addictive behaviors, thoughts, and the feelings about oneself that can lead to substance abuse.


Enhancement essentially focuses on nurturing the new positive self-image and identity the recovering addict has developed. This makes the new identity permanent.


The reduction step of the MRT process is where negative thoughts, behaviors, and a person’s hedonistic tendencies begin to be taken away. This occurs so late in the recovery process because the main purpose of moral reconation therapy is to build positivity rather than take away negativity. However, the replacement and removal of negative habits is necessary to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Being able to cope with negative feelings and thoughts is also an element of the reduction step.


In the development step of MRT treatment, the focus becomes higher moral reasoning and morality. The social and universal ideas of right and wrong, legalities (law), and other guidelines to live by form much of the basis of higher moral reasoning and contextualization. Good and evil, right and wrong, and human rights and welfare become the focus of this form of treatment to help the recovering addict place themselves and their addiction in a larger context.

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