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Drug Treatment Fort Pierce  (772) 409-6657  Alcohol Rehab

Medical Detox

An alcohol or drug medical detox takes place in a treatment center and is medically supervised. The process removes any illicit substances from the body using prescribed

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Drug Treatment Fort Pierce  (772) 409-6657  Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Treatment

Alcohol rehab is a course of treatment for a person experiencing alcohol abuse or dependency. Alcohol rehab is conducted at a treatment facility.

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Drug Treatment Fort Pierce  (772) 409-6657  Alcohol Rehab

Addiction Rehab

According to the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are on the rise in the United States.

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Drug Treatment Fort Pierce (772) 409-6657

According to law enforcement heroin, MDMA, prescription pills and cocaine are the most prevalent drugs threats in the Fort Pierce area. Over 1,800 Oxycodone and Xanax pills along with other illicit substances were confiscated at the dismantling of a drug trafficking ring last year in Fort Pierce.

Problems associated with addiction quickly manifest in areas where drug operations are embedded into the community. As such, Drug Treatment Fort Pierce facilitate the need for treatment interventions for those battling addiction in this area.

Drug Treatment Fort Pierce is a private, full service facility providing inpatient detox, short and long term residential and intensive outpatient treatment options. At Drug Treatment Fort Pierce, we are extremely sensitive to our client’s cultural and linguistic needs. Many of our board certified addiction clinicians have also had personal experience with addiction and are sensitive to the challenges of recovery.

Patients at Drug Treatment Fort Pierce are not only assured of the highest quality care in a first class treatment center, but compassion and understanding as well. Call us today at (772) 409-6657 and get into a treatment program that could save your life.

The Purpose of Drug Treatment Rehab

The primary purpose of any treatment facility is to halt habitual substance abuse and address the underlying issues that drive addiction. Most individuals battling addiction, which has now been reclassified by the medical community from a behavior disorder to a relapsing brain disease are still unaware of this designation.

The misconception that chronic substance abuse is a condition that can be remedied by will power or a weekend detox has been the primary cause of many drug overdose deaths. While it may be possible to halt drug use temporarily, if the underlying causes of addiction are not adequately addressed most people will experience a relapse.

When an individual that has been abstinent for a period relapse they put themselves at grave risk of a drug overdose. Most substance abusers who go through detoxification and a period of abstinence underestimate their ability to tolerate even a small amount of drugs when they relapse.

When tolerance to drugs and alcohol are lowered a relapse can be pose a serious threat. If the resumption of drug use occurs with the same or more drugs than was formerly used, it increases the chance of a fatal overdose especially if the individual does not have access to emergency medical intervention.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention education and training is therefore a critical component of the treatment process at our facility. Numerous studies indicate that relapse can be prevented. It requires having insight into the triggers to addiction that is unique to the individual and a commitment to employing the effort necessary to prevent a relapse. Patients who receive relapse prevention training and education are equipped with the skills and techniques that are designed to help them sustain their sobriety.

The aftercare program planned for each patient at Drug Treatment Fort Pierce also includes a relapse prevention plan that must be activated after leaving the safety of a rehab center. This plan may include attendance at group meetings, maintaining contact with your support team and paying attention to the people, places and things that were identified during rehab as potential relapse trigger for you.

Since relapse prevention is such an integral aspect of our drug rehabilitation program, our treatment facility provides relapse prevention services for all our patients. Family members often play a significant support role in helping the recovering addiction to avoid a relapse. As such, they are also able to participate in relevant aspects of this treatment modality.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, we can help. Call Drug Treatment Centers Fort Pierce today at (772) 409-6657 and speak to a counselor about our treatment programs and admission procedures.

About Fort Pierce, FL

Fort Pierce is part of the Treasure Coast area of South Florida. This stretch of land from the St. Lucie Inlet to the Sebastian Inlet is often called the “Sun Rise City” in relation to the “Sun Set City” in San Francisco, California. The number of residents recorded living in Fort Pierce at the 2013 census topped 43,074. The City of Fort Pierce has recovered recognition for various city projects. For instance, it was the recipient of a 2005 “Excellence Award” from the Florida League of Cities.

The city also received the Great American Main Street Award in 2011 that is presented by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Visiting these and other things to do while visiting Fort Pierce includes fishing, diving, exploring the 4,000 plants and animal species at the Indian River Lagoon Estuary or catching a performance at the Sunrise Theatre.

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